About me

I grew up in a town called Knaresborough in Yorkshire where I enjoyed a very free childhood, able to run around the fields and play outside with my brothers and sister, damming streams, climbing trees and exploring the castle and crags.

I have always loved reading and writing, spending all my pocket money on books, usually about ponies. I was pony mad and when I was thirteen I took my savings to a horse market and bought a pony. My parents were very shocked when I came home with Smokey Joe but I was allowed to keep him providing I earned the money myself to pay for him.

I am currently writing this story into a new book called Smokey Joe. Look out for it next year!

When I was fourteen I was runner-up in a national newspaper’s Young Writers’ Competition, with a story about a horse in the Crimean War. Inspired by my success I decided I wanted to study English but somehow I ended up studying science and went on to get a Master’s Degree in Animal Behaviour at Aberdeen University. I ended up marrying a Scotsman and lived in Scotland for thirty years. We lived in on a farm where my children grew up able to run around and build dens in the woods and enjoy the sort of freedom I had as a girl. We had lots of cats, dogs and ponies and horses and had a wonderful time playing with them.

We now live in South London where my husband now works, and are near our family. We now have a beautiful puppy called Mathilda Pipkin who is a black Labrador and she is very bouncy and full of fun. We also have two cats, Casper who is a Maine Coon, and Alexander Pushkin who is a very regal white and grey Ragdoll and thinks he is very superior to us all. 


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